vineri, 4 ianuarie 2013

suflet rebel - 41

Un nou episod la inceput de an ma regaseste putin melancolica; o parte din mine zboara azi alaturi de fata mea in Anglia, caci e sfarsit de vacanta.

Iata de ce ma gandesc la Badly Drawn Boys, proiectul unui cantautor de talent - Damon Gough, cu o atitudine de suflet rebel care provoaca multe controverse.

"I promise you will get old
I promised you everything
To protect you wherever you go
I'll give you this diamond ring

Just promise you will remember
A promise should last forever
Right up to the dying embers
Of a fire that burns so slow

It's a different day everyday
Don't want you to walk alone
But how long can we carry on?
When all of these things have gone

Just promise you will remember
A promise should last forever
It's the last of the dying embers
Of a fire that burns so slowly"

"Oh, sweet morning
Is your head not right
Did you hear my warning
This is the time of times

And your head feels like your body
You mind is close behind
There’s a teardrop on your shoulder
Says this is the time of times
It’s the time of times again"

"I measured the distance from Heaven to Hell 
How will we do only time will tell 
Oh when you stop worrying 
What anyone says doesn't mean a thing 

Just tell me you're feeling it 
And you're not disbelieving it 

Oh I feel tired of all of these games 
Everywhere, everything is the same 
Tell me you'll promise you might come with me 
The start of a Journey from A to B 

I'll be happy to carry you 
Even though I know I haven't got the strength to hold you 
I need you more than ever before 
If our journey's over 
I hope that you will find someone who will love you more 

Now not for the first time 
What I want might not be mine 
If you say you won't come along 
Then I know I can't go it alone"

"I never, never ever believedIn things uncertainHanging 'round the cornerJust when did you start doing time?In the case of I, my, me and mineOctober 1969
Where were you in '76?The long hot summerYou wanna be a rebelThen turn your hose pipes onWith two years to waitFor the sound of Jilted John
Some of us are gonna be richWith the Iron LadyLennon's gone alreadyLet's post the boys to warOh, mother, what are you worrying for?It's somewhere he's not been before
Then you see the Union JackAnd it means nothingBut somehow you knowThat you will find your own wayIt's a small reminder every dayThat I was born in the U.K."
Weekend placut!

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  1. Happy weekend Alina!
    Nu fii treista, mai e un pic si este vacanta de primavara! :))

  2. ti-am scris mai inainte un mail... intrebam cand porneste Mariuta spre scoala, probabil inca nu ai ajuns sa-l citesti. Dar iata ca aici, am gasit raspunsul... Imbratisari si pupici. Totul va fi bine!